Essay about Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Hamad Alhammadi

Intermediate 2

Doctor Sandra Nagy

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is a crucial day. " Valentine's Day is vital for English speaking people” Dr . Sandra said. Specifically on this day, a lot of money was spent in valentines gift. The old account explains just how Valentine's Day originated from a priest who was employed in the cathedral and he was marrying persons. Suddenly a memo came from the Emperor Claudius nevertheless " solders may not get married any more of course, if any one committed a solder or helped them, this individual or she'll would take those necessary action and would send him or her to the jail. Valentine was sent to the jail, because he was marring solders privately. For several reason every body loves Valentine's Day great history and today they celebrate on this day. Valentine's Day came from an old story. It covers a man, in whose name was Valentine. He was working in the church intended for long time and Valentine was marrying persons, so having been lovely person. Suddenly the Emperor Claudius decided that solders didn't want to get married by any means. The Chief said that, as they thought that the solders couldn't fight if they were thinking of family. As well, he was torturing lady who also gets committed from solder until they may become executed. The solders had been tired. They didn't know very well what to do, and so they decided to go to the house of worship where Valentine worked. That they saw Valentine and they went to him and advised him the Emperor's story and asked him to aid. Then Valentines was in a strong situation and he must opt to either help people or the Chief, so he chose love and consented to marry people in secret. It did not take lengthy and the Chief Claudius found out what was occurring and understood that Valentines wasn't next his guidelines, so this individual asked his guard to bring Valentine. The Emperor Claudius was upset and very upset because Valentine had busted his rules, so this individual said, " send him to imprisonment for ever”. It was bad news. The solders were stunned. Because of these people the Chief Claudius...