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The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Main Character types

Hazel Sophistication Lancaster, the key character with the book, is diagnosed with stage several thyroid cancers. She loves to say that it doesn't define her and through the book the girl normally discusses it which has a touch of humor. From the treatments she received the cancer was removed, although at the same time her lungs started to be weak which is needed to draw an oxygen tank about with her. Her despression symptoms from the tumor makes her have a realism outlook on life.

Augustus " Gus” Waters is a charmer towards Hazel. His confidence and levity protects Hazel coming from her gloominess. He's the entire opposite of Hazel-wanting to leave an impression wherever this individual goes. This individual likes to stand out of the group and get the attention of everybody. He's very open about his cancer, and loves to joke about the horrible situations he and his close friends are in. He under no circumstances takes things for granted however , and really loves the support he receives from his family.

Isaac, close friends of both Gus and Hazel, is the most insightful of all of the characters although he is sightless. At the beginning of the book his girlfriend split up with him, which makes his normal completely happy going self turn into a emaciated, angry person. He wants to remind everybody that cancers isn't just unfortunate, it's annoying and it's unjust.

Storyline Summary

The storyline begins with Hazel Elegance and her views on malignancy and major depression. She informs the readers of An Imperial Affection, a book in order to Hazel get through her struggles through cancers. She after that goes to her Support Group that meets weekly. She resents going to the Social group until Augustus starts to enroll in. They meet up with and generate small talk until this individual " damages the whole thing” with a cigarette, however under no circumstances lighting this. He then says a very impressive quote, "... It's a metaphor, see: Putting the eradicating thing correct between your the teeth, but you avoid give it the strength to do it is killing, ” (Green, 20) which wins Hazel's cardiovascular system back.

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