The Importance Of Photography- Essay

The Essence Of Photography-

Balakrishnan 1

Haripriya Balakrishnan

British 111


30 October 2014

The Essence Of Pictures

Duane Michals when said, " Photographers will not photograph what they can't observe, which is the very reason one should try to make an effort it. Otherwise we're going to carry on forever simply photographing even more faces plus more rooms and more places. Picture taking has to surpasse description. It has to go beyond description to bring insight into the subject, or perhaps reveal the subject, not as i think, but how can it chop down? ” I could not consent more. The idea of colors distributed across some paper is entrancing to the human eye. However , it is more than shades spread throughout a piece of paper. Art can be doodles in a school notebook, music played, boogie in a music video, or maybe a glass flower vase in someone's house; however , there may be one talent that speaks strongly in my experience, and that is digital photography. Unlike the doodles and the glass classic vase, photography are not able to simply be attractive into a thing abstruse. The most important difference, yet , is that a photograph captures the heart and vitality associated with an individual. Balakrishnan 2

When I peer through the viewfinder, I feel a sense of serenity. Once i am sense sad or stressed about something, acquiring photos also calms my personal emotions. For instance , if I was feeling sad and I take a photo of a newly bloomed annual bloom that was once wilted, I am reminded that I could get past that sad feelings and almost everything will be all right. I feel comfort when I was taking a picture of a newborn, reminding myself of the blessed yet sensitive thing that individuals call your life. One of the many factors that I take pleasure in photography is really because it helps myself overcome diverse emotions. Pictures is also my way of escape from truth; furthermore, although I am taking photos of the actual, I feel like I'm within world. When I take a picture of something that is not apparent towards the human eye, I feel that I was in my own world. When I share my own...