Essay about Swot of 7-11

Swot of 7-11


7-Eleven is definitely part of a global chain of convenience stores, working under Seven-Eleven Japan Company. Ltd, which often is possessed by Several & We Holdings Co. of Asia. Strengths* Real-estate availability* Localized assortment* Convenience* High margins* Franchise model allows for more quickly expansion* Comparatively standardized shops allow for even more optimized operations| Weaknesses* Excessive margins/prices* Limited assortment offering* Not perceived as a place to obtain a complete meal* Not a first choice destination for shoppers* High yield of staff| Opportunities* Fresh food offerings* Maximize share of meals (i. e., lunch break, lunch, evening meal, snacks)* Private label development| Threats* C-store competition and other small-box retailers (i. e., Fresh & Convenient, Marketside)* QSR or comparable companies (quick service restaurants); Starbucks, McDonald's, etc . 2. Higher shrinking on fresh food could potentially effects margins

7-Eleven successful in every countries for the reason that company has earned its name being the greatest in dealing with convenience store regarding franchising and licensing. In addition , the stores from the company happen to be being managed almost in 18 countries and propagate is organized according to per household basis during these countries. Their grocer chains will be covering all of the leading countries like United states of america, Japan, Canada, Hongkong, Thailand and Malaysia. Besides that, 7-Eleven offer a complete variety of product to the conscious customers facing period constraints in a relaxing and pleasant environment. 7-Eleven provides consistently been ranked amongst low cost and fastest developing franchises defeating even subway being it is parallel rival. Employees possess given the courses as well as very well regard by company.