sub ethnical crime and deviance Essay

sub ethnical crime and deviance


Applying material via item A and elsewhere, assess the effectiveness of Subcultural theories in explaining ‘Subcultural crime and deviance' in society today. Subcultural criminal offenses and deviance refers to the violation of laws or social best practice rules by various different groups within contemporary society. These organizations have been studied by sociologists who have attemptedto explain subcultural crime and deviance throughout the existence of deviant subcultures. There are many different theorists who have investigated into subcultural crimes in order to explain subcultural crime and deviance in the current society. A few of these sociologists incorporate Cohen; Cloward and Ohlin; Miller; Matza and Cohen.

The initially strain theory was developed by the functionalist Robert K Merton who modified Durkheim's concept of anomie (normlesness) to explain deviance. According to Merton's Pressure theory, people in society have shared goals and a strain among society's goals and a satisfactory means of obtaining them. While said simply by Merton, some individuals commit criminal offense because they are poor/working class persons and are unable to achieve the American desire. He states that the American Dream places greater emphasis on material accomplishment, especially in western societies wherever we are socialised to bottom our lives around materialistic items and in order to attain these things (such as a good car or possibly a big house), there are institutionalised means of obtaining these goals e. g. education. He says different people in society may respond differently to successful goals and these are: conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreatism and rebellion. This is one valuable explanation of explaining subcultural crime and deviance. Nevertheless it can be contended that a lot of members of society such as the underclass may well not share these kinds of common desired goals as the rest of culture. Also, that only makes up utilitarian criminal offense for monetary gain, and not offences of violence, vandalism etc . S Subcultural theories can be seen to be quite useful to clarify...