shooting an elephant Composition

shooting an elephant

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27 January 2014

" Shooting a great Elephant” Response Essay

George Orwell's encounter was a test out of whether he remained faithful to his values or if he would let others effect his mindful decisions. Surviving in Moulmein, Burma, Orwell was hated with a number of people because he was a police officer. He did not enjoy residing in Burma as they strongly disagreed with imperialism, a policy the Burmese followed. When he got news of the loose elefant causing turmoil throw the streets, his initial thought was to capture that and transfer it in the wild from human world. Orwell expected for a weapon only for security, just in case the " monster” lashed out against him. Little performed he find out, the Burmese were relying on him to shoot and kill the elephant for his or her pleasure. So the Burmese saw the weapon as an opportunity to slaughter the elephant not having thought twice regarding it. The large group became excited when they found Orwell had a gun, although Orwell was only considering setting that free so it wouldn't harm anyone else. Feeling the pressure of a large number of towns' people depending on him to eliminate, he began to contradict himself. He knew killing the beast can be an ungodly thing to do, but the pressure was sinking in to him, little by little altering his thoughts as he got better and better. He recognized if he killed the elephant, he'd be a coward but he felt like he'd be even more of a coward if he let down all these people. Killing the elefant showed how much of a coward Orwell was for conforming to the towns' people and later made him feel even worse about him self after. The Burmese would not care about him, but only gave him attention because he was the gentleman behind the gun. I will relate to Orwell's experience because I have found many circumstances in my life in which I have conformed to various other peoples decisions because of social pressure. It was a Fri night and I was meant to go to a party with of few of my friends....