Origins in the First Universe War Article

Origins in the First Globe War‏

Roots of the First World War‏ Lecture notes

3. Who Was Responsible for the Outbreak of Conflict in 1914?

3. one particular Events

-1914 Jan: British-German relations increase

Observation: partly due to decreased threat by Germany following its decision to scale down the nautico build-up. Performed Britain anticipate the effects of Germany's expansion in the army, seemingly aiming for prominence on the Place, something The uk had consistently worked against? Did Great britain not anticipate Germany to turn against it after obtaining dominance for the Continent?

-Germany military co-operation with Turkey

-assistance to reorganize the Turkish armed service by German born military advisor LIman vonseiten Sanders

-assistance downgraded in the face of Russian protests

Observation: Australia backed away to prevent Russia mobilizing to get war, which in turn would have neutralized the Schlieffen Plan

-Russia begins the Great Military Plan

-announced in 1912, made its debut in Jan 1914 and to be completed in 1917

-an aim was to reduce mobilization a chance to 18 days and nights

Observation: simply by 1917, Germany's strategic placement vis-à-vis Russia would be sluggish

-Germany alarmed

-1914 Feb: Kaiser Wilhelm, " Russo-Prussian (i. e. German) relations will be dead for good. We have become enemies”

-Entente powers help to make headway in the Balkans

-French well established in Belgrade (Serbia), made financing to Portugal

-Tsar's visit to Rumania was successful

-but Central Powers in disarray

-Germany opposed Austria's plans to invade Serbia

-1914 Scar: Kaiser terminated Austrian talk of using push as " crazy” -1914 May: Prepare XVII started to be operational

-main target: recovery of Alsace-Lorraine, taken by Germany in 1871 -revanchism (revenge) stated to be a low priority

Remark: is that credible? Loss of Alsace-Lorraine was a hit to France national respect. And is it true that France merely wanted to become ready in the event that war started, but not to get started on a warfare? -1914 Jun: Austria released the Matscheko Memorandum

-war not the way in which forward

-way forward is definitely an cha?non between Central Powers and Turkey and Bulgaria Declaration: apparently the intention was to re-establish the balance of electrical power in the Balkans in favour of Luxembourg and no war was designed up to 06 1914 -The Assassination

-1914 Jun, twenty eight: Archduke Hanz Ferdinand, inheritor to the Hapsburg throne, fantastic wife assassinated

-by a Serbian nationalist/terrorist, Gavril Princip, from your Black Side gang in Sarajevo

-contributory errors

-he visited Serbia on its emotion-charged Nationwide Day, a provocation

-his driver dropped his approach in the city

-coincidentally faced Princip on the street

-assassination an affront to Hapsburg pride and prestige

-War-was-inevitable college

-interpret the assassination as an affiliated condition or occasion and never the cause Declaration: economic competition between and imperialist plans of Great Powers created the conditions in which a great incident can trigger warfare. -The Russian response

-Russian ambassador in Vienna assumed the Austrian emperor Frantz Joseph might show restraint -The Austrian response

-Chief of Staff Franz Conrad urged warfare

-Hungarian Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) President Depend Stephen Tizsa opposed warfare

-Chancellor Count Berchtold was undecided


-Austria's prestige should be salvaged

-war with Serbia necessary for ongoing existence in the Empire Remark: Austria needed war. It saw inside the assassination the best reason for war. -1914 Jul 5: Indonesia responded to Austria's request for support -decided to increase support to Austria if attacked by simply Russia

-Kaiser: " this time to produce a clean sweep of the Serbs”

-Jul 6: the blank talon

-German Chancellor Bethmann Hollweg told the Austrian ambassador Vienna could count on Germany's support what ever its decision -Austrians undecided

-Jul 14: Vienna decides to send a great ultimatum to Serbia

-but army had not been ready, important units had been on collect leave

-Hollweg knew articles of ultimatum, urged Vienna to deliver...