reshma Composition



Class-IX (2013-2014)



History and sport: The story of crickinfo

1 . What changes were brought in the game of crickinfo by the MCC's revision of the laws through the second half the 18 a century?


The changes which were brought in the sport of cricket by the MCC's revision with the laws through the second half the 18th 100 years are the following:

1) It has become common


to presentation the ball through the atmosphere, rather than move it along the

2) Additionally, it opened fresh possibilities for spin and swing. In answer, batsmen were required to master time and taken selection.

3) The rounded bat was replaced with the perfect one. All of this raised the premium on skill and reduced the influence of rough floor and incredible force.

2 . What adjustments were introduced in the game of cricket through the 19th 100 years? Ans.

There have been many improvements introduced in the game of cricket during the nineteenth century: (a)

The secret about large balls was applied.


The exact circumference of the ball was specified.


Safety equipments just like pads and gloves came out.


Restrictions were released where previously all photos had to be operate.


Over-arm bowling started to be legal.

3. " Though cricket changed with changing times, this fundamentally remained true to it is origins in rural England”.


Cricket's most important equipment are all made of natural, pre-industrial materials, i. e. the bat is made of wood as the stump and the traites. The ball is made of leather-based twines and cork. Right now, both baseball bat and ball are handmade not industrially manufactured. The material of the baseball bat have slightly changed. Previous it was cut down of a one piece of real wood but now that consists of two pieces we. e. knife which is constructed from the willow tree as well as the handle which can be made out of walking cane. Cricket has refused to remake its tools with industrial or man-made supplies like plastic materials, fibre, a glass etc .

1 . " While hockey and football became international game titles, yet cricket remained a colonial game”. Why?


Unlike handbags and sports which started to be international game titles, played across the world, cricket continued to be a colonial time game. Cricket was restricted to the countries which started to be a part of the British empire. The pre-industrial oddness made it a tough game to export. It took root just in the countries which were overcome by the British. In these colonies, cricket was established as a well-liked sport both by light settlers or by regional elites whom wanted to duplicate the practices of their colonial time masters.

2 . " C. K. Nayudu was a superb Indian Batting player of his time”. Explain. Ans.

C. K. Nayudu was an exceptional batsman of his time. He lives on the popular creativeness of the people when several of his great contemporaries just like Palwankar Baloo have been crickinfo player who played out in India's First Evaluation match against England in 1932. His place in India's cricket who have played India's cricket record is guaranteed because he was your country's Initial Test Captain. 3. The fact that was Pentangular tournament? Why did Gandhiji condemn it? When ever did it arrive to an end?


Pentangular tournament was played simply by five groups – the Europeans, the Parsis, the Hindus the Muslims and the Rest, which in turn comprised all of the leftover communities, such as the American indian Christians. Gandhiji strongly ruined the Pentangular as a communally divisive competition that was out of place in a moment when nationalists were looking to unite India's diverse human population. As it was a colonial competition, it tied with the Raj.

4. How have improvements in technology, especially television set technology, influenced the development of modern-day game of cricket?


Kerry Packer's innovative ideas helped make use of television technology to develop the of crickinfo as a television set sport, a marketable video game which could make huge income. The opportunity was seized by satellite technology and international television companies to create a global market pertaining to...