Essay regarding Promiscuity


Promiscuity. What is your a reaction to the word? We all believe a promiscuous girl. Most of us look down on her in our own ways. Sometimes she is backstabbed by close friends and sometimes she is openly scorned by others. What we do not really realise, luxury ? is certainly not the only one, or possibly we do not desire to accept this. Research positions us at first place on the scene of promiscuity. Why are we these kinds of a promiscuous nation? What risks are we getting upon yourself? Are we all nomads inside the land of sexuality? Most likely it is each of our loose standards of living, or the moment growing up we are confronted with confusion.

A young New Zealander's lifestyle of drinking, partying, and in some cases, prescription drugs is the ideal precedent for the night probably regretted, not really remembered, or resulting in likely pregnancy or STI frightens. The composition September Project by Robert Kivi develops a scenario of a youthful girl " filled with the thrill of a chemical wave…pulse driven hard which has a pocket full of pills” who, as a result of the party, eventually ends up " settling in the seat of your clapped away Lada…scrambling for the condoms on the cold car floors. ” The tone then simply changes and the girl is " concerned over syphilis and HIV” and having " desires for a foetus in a marmalade jar. ” This poem outlines a series of events many young people can easily relate to. This consists of having informal sex after drinking and partying. I think these activities show little respect for ourselves. Our health and wellness and emotional wellbeing are at risk of getting compromised. Were exposing the body to the feasible transfer of STIs, WARTS and the notoriously negative effects of alcohol and drugs. The young adults of today imagine it will hardly ever happen to these people. This a sense of invulnerability will nothing but improve the chances of that happening. Most likely we are not being warned completely? Our sexuality has no warning label; you cannot find any list of damaging side effects specific before their use. Therefore , I believe the situation at hand has to be acknowledged more widely in contemporary society. We need to...