Essay about Outdated Personal System: Eliminate the Electoral College or university

Out of date Political Program: Get Rid of the Electoral College

Dominik Foltyn


English II next Block

20 March 2013

Obsolete political system: Get rid of the Electoral College

Harvard, Stanford, and Cornell School are all well known colleges, but they have you heard of the Electoral College? It is in existence over two hundred years. This is a unique college the place that the only need to take part is that 1 must be by least eighteen years old. The Electoral College or university has no campus, meal seat tickets, football crew, or even scholars. However , is it doesn't most important school because it allows the American people help to make one extremely important decision, deciding the President. The Electoral College is not basically a " college, ” it is a voting method. This can be the only voting method ever before used to decide the Chief executive; however , it might not represent the voters' alternatives as accurately as other methods. The 2000 usa president election was not a true expression of the voters' choices when ever Al Gore received above half a million even more votes than George Rose bush, and Bush became the president. A nationwide popular vote can reflect the voters' alternatives better than the Electoral College; the Electoral College is outdated & needs to be erased because of the quite a few defects it includes. In 1787, two things forever changed the facial skin of American governmental policies: First, a team of national frontrunners drafted the U. S. Constitution and second, they will decided the regular citizen wasn't knowledgeable enough to decide a leader without the connect of a program known as the Electoral College. The Electoral University was created by framers of the U. S. Constitution like a compromise for the presidential election process (Bonser, and Dove). At the moment, some political figures believed a purely well-known election was too dangerous and would give too much voting power to very populated areas in which everyone was too familiar with a certain presidential candidate. Other folks objected towards the possibility of permitting Congress pick the president. And so the Electoral College was a program...

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