monitoring system Essay

monitoring system

Background of the Analyze

In the world of business the owner of the business must have a proper management, effective marketing strategy and many especially a monitoring system. Businesses at present always have products on hand warehouses attached with the production facilities where raw materials, consumables and also other materials will be stored and issue pertaining to the production of food basis.

Len's Chaofan and Shabu-Shabu restaurant is definitely new in the field of business, it absolutely was been founded in this year 2014. This kind of small business began by Mister. & Mrs. Ronaldo and Roselyn Cabral and it is located at Gordi Plaza Building, 2125 Legarda Street, Quiapo, Manila. Because of the passion in cooking delightful foods, that they had decided to establish this kind of organization in which they can apply their particular knowledge and skills in cooking. Their particular past experience was employed in Taiwan as a cook in almost one decade also because of this, they become familiar and professional for the recipe of the food that they are now serving in the said restaurant. The main aim and goal of this business is to serve and earn profit from the large volume of students that are studying nearby the place as well as for those who are surviving in dormitories. Also because of the fact that it truly is new in the operation, a large number of problems in this business takes place like how they can enough time shortage or the overage in the raw materials that they used in creation of food they are offering. In these instances, they encounter difficulties for the operations with the company in monitoring the quantity of ingredients found in the production of food they feature in the cafe. The company hasn't made virtually any system that will keeps the records of all the transactions from the company wherein it includes the supplier's brand, what kind of supply can it supplies for the company and how much performs this supplies price.

With correspond with the problem, we the Accounting Technology students of the University or college of the East had an thought to make a system that...