Hostel and Holiday Dissertation

Hostel and Holiday

Holiday questionsHow often do you go on holiday? Where? Whom with? When and where did you travel last? What was it like (destination, accommodation, programmes, food, etc . ) Sadly, I cannot afford traveling as much as I would really like to. I have neither the money nor the time for it. Even now, I make an effort to break away coming from it all at least once a year, generally in summer time. I did travel and leisure last summer time, I was in camping, with my family. The camping was very big, and it had been a lot of retired. We ate in camping, in a little cafe. Have you have you ever been on a package holiday? Where and when? I have hardly ever bee no a package holiday, because I like exploring with my children, not with other people. In a package deal tour you travel with others and follow a prearranged itineray protecting all the popular sports and landmarks, and i also pay just one, all –inclusive price, that covers anything such as trasportation, meals, lodging, sightseeing excursions and tutorials. What are the huge benefits and disadvantages of sleeping in youth hostels? Do you get pleasure from camping? Advantages and disadv.? I think camping is an ideal technique of spendig my own holiday, because it is cheaper than other accommodation, in fact it is not difficult with my sons. Advantages can be a price, I want own equipment and tools, disadvantages are comfortless „bed”, and I have to use features. How do you intend to spend your following holiday?

I would really prefer to make my holiday with my family, within a camping. We all will to pay one or two several weeks in Croatia, with our camping tent, next to the see. What means of transportation do you prefer? For what reason?

I very often travel by simply train, particularly when I travel around with my children. We like travelling simply by train, since my childen can to stand up and also to move in it. Nowadays a public travel is really high-priced when I wish to travel using family, mainly because we can considering this option. Identify your dream holiday.

Come up with the best/worst place you could have ever stopped at.