History tips Essay

History 101

п»їChapters 5 and 6 Analyze Guide

1 ) For the Romans, ___________________ geography manufactured Rome an all-natural crossroads and an area easy to defend. P114

2 . Rome was established in the first millennium M. C. within the plain of _____________________. P114

3. All of the pursuing about the Etruscans will be correct l. 114-115 a.

settled north of Ancient rome.


implemented alphabetic language from the Greeks before six hundred B. C.


had begun to decline by 480 N. C.


" civilized" Rome by simply turning it into a genuine city.

some. __________________________ collection a preceding for dealing with its vanquished foes following forming the Roman Confederation by offering one of the most favored " allied" people full Roman citizenship, this provides them a stake in successful Roman expansion. s. 120

5. ___________________'s conquest from the Italian peninsula by 264 B. C. can be linked in part to superb diplomacy. p. 121

6. In defeating the _______________________ city-states in southern Italy, The italian capital had to combat the troops of Full Pyrrhus, directed against all of them by the Greeksp. 120

six. The Roman _________________________ was a temporary professional during the period of the Republic and exercised unlimited power for a period of usually six months. l. 117

8. Executive authority or ______________________ during the Roman Republic occured by the consuls and praetors. p. 117

9. Because Rome extended, it became Roman policy to govern the provinces with officials generally known as ________________________ and propraetors. p. 117

10. The ___________________ in Roman society was your male head of the home. p. 118

11. Actually the Both roman __________________ could only recommend the barrister in legal matters. s. 117

doze. In their struggle with the patricians, Roman ______________________employed which from the following strategies: a physical withdrawal from the state undercutting the military manpower and the development of popular assemblies to lobby to get more political reforms. p. 118

13. The ______________ Desks was/were the first formal codification of Roman legislation and customs. p. 118-119

16. The following claims about the Roman armies in the early Republic will be correct. l. 125 a.

All soldiers were individuals.


The majority of soldiers were farmers.


Soldiers had been enrolled to get only a year.


Inside the fourth century BCE there have been four legions, each comprising 4, 500 to 5, 500 men.

12-15. The ___________________originated from Phoenician Tyre. l. 121

16. The immediate reason behind the Initially Punic Battle was Rome sending an army to___________________. l. 122

18. As a result of the First Punic War the Carthaginians had been forced to withdraw from ________________________ and pay an indemnity to Rome. g. 122

18. During the Second Punic Conflict, ___________________________ expelled the Carthaginians from The country of spain and later received the decisive Battle of Zama. g. 124

nineteen. The Second Punic War found Carthage carry a property war to Rome simply by crossing the __________________. p. 123

twenty. The Both roman senator whom led the movement pertaining to the complete break down of Carthage was _______________________. P. 124

21. The consequence of the _____________________ Punic Battle was the complete destruction and subjugation of Carthage. l. 124

twenty-two. It can greatest be declared _______________________ imperial expansion was highly opportunistic, responding to unanticipated military risks and opportunities for fame. p. 124

23. Your head of the Both roman religious observances was______________________________. s. 127

24. In Roman ________________________, an appropriate relationship with the gods was achieved by correct performance of rituals and festivals. s. 127

twenty-five. Roman spiritual practices included:


a school of priests to carry out traditions correctly.


the adoption of certain Greek gods like Apollo.

p. 127

26. In terms of Roman schooling, education burdened training in _________________________ and mastery of unsupported claims, or influential...