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CRP and VMI: Focus on Efficient Replenishment of Products

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VMI Background and Objectives


A CRP and VMI Model

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The Technology Backbone of CRP and VMI


How Movex Supports VMI






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CRP and VMI: Concentrate on Efficient

Renewal of Products

In response to the current usage of supply string buzzwords, this kind of document should explain the concepts of Continuous Renewal Program (CRP) and Seller Managed Products on hand (VMI). In addition, it describes how Intentia's e-collaboration application Movex supports VMI. Finally, all of us present both expected advantages and disadvantages when employing these pursuits.

CRP is an efficient renewal concept inside the Efficient Buyer Response (ECR) arena. This focuses on bettering the movement of products inside the supply string, both forward to the customer and finally the end consumer, and backward to the distributor.

The desired goals of CRP are to:

В· Increase inventory turns

В· Reduce products on hand levels

В· Decrease stockouts

В· Increase customer service amounts

В· Improve warehouse productivity

В· Enhance your trading partners' perception of value.

Demand Managing

Demand Technique & Capacities

Optimize Assortments

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Optimize New

Product Introductions

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Source Management



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Source Strategy & Capabilities





Demand Driven



Organizing, Forecasting

and Replenishment

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Determine 1 . ECR focus areas

Efficient Client Response (ECR), Quick Response (QR), Seller Managed Inventory (VMI) and also other similar initiatives have had an excellent impact on present latest developments, such as Collaborative Planning, Predicting and Replenishment (CPFR). VMI should be viewed as a moving stone toward a collaboration process or part of this kind of a process. Their scope is usually not as wide as the scope of CPFR, however in many circumstances VMI only is found to be a very efficient method of controlling the supply chain.

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VMI Background and Objectives

A term trusted when putting into action CRP, Merchant Managed Products on hand (VMI) is an arrangement where the distributor, not the customer, decides when ever and how much of the customer's share is replenished. It is a way to cut costs and keep inventory levels low throughout the source chain. VMI focuses on assuring that products are replenished to inventory in the most effective way, devoid of manual data such as requests having to be transferred between customer and supplier. Rather, automatic electronic digital messages prefer keep track of the latest stock condition and designed sales predictions, so you can determine when it is the perfect time to refill the stock and steer clear of stockouts.

VMI initiatives appeared in the late eighties when department shops such as Wal-Mart moved to automated VMI. The apparel sector has always been a master in VMI ever since. Ironically, industries facing complex circumstances have been among the last to look at automated VMI. For example , grocery stores have commonly taken much longer than department shops to implement VMI. The sheer number of items in consumers' shopping carts and on the supermarket shelves–often more than twenty-five, 000 in one store–have supposed greater complexness in tracking and applying sales data. VMI software at its peak can be seen in companies such as vehicle and newspaper manufacturing. The objectives of VMI are to:

В· Maximize in-stock inventory

В· Maximize sales

В· Improve customer support

В· Increase gross margins

В· Lessen overall inventory in the supply chain

В· Stabilize vendor's production.

An additional interesting issue that is portion of the VMI process is whether the client should be invoiced directly at shipment...