Describe the Most Interesting Video That You Have Seen Essay

Describe the Most Interesting Video That You Have Viewed

Describe an appealing film you saw just lately. В

YouВ shouldВ say;

What is the title?

When performed you see it?

What is the storyplot about?

And explain for what reason this motion picture was interesting to you.

Previous summer, my loved ones and I visited AMC Movie Theater in Cupertino and loved a movie entitled " Trip to the Center of the Earth”. It was a Science Fictional works and experience movie in three-dimensions.

We enjoyed state-of –the-art laptop graphics in the movie. As an example, when a dinosaur chased the characters, I was on edge as if We were with them.

The movie's plot started from your idea that one more world is out there deep inside from the earth with a variety of uncommon creatures. This showed the director's comprehensive imagination and creativity. I had been preoccupied with the movie while you're watching it. It was really amusing, with a wide range of incredible and amazing items that helped me forget my day-to-day tension.

My kids appreciated it a lot as well. It had been a great friends and family movie. There was no chaotic scene and I believe film production company allowed my own children to boost their creativeness.

As I like surreal, unconventional and astounding things in SF movies, the movie was your most interesting movie i have ever seen.

Portion 3 – 246.

What kinds of movies Korean language like these days?

Why do you consider Hollywood movie is the most popular in the world? What do you think much more important to help to make successful videos; story or money expense? Why do you consider Korean Videos are getting well-known in other countries? Through which countries they enjoy Korean language movies and why do you think they like them? Component 3- 211.

Do you want see the moive once again?

Do you think the movie is educational for children?

What kind of motion picture do Korean people just like?

Do you think film advertisement is beneficial in promoting items? В What are the differences between neighborhood films and foreign videos? Part 3- 194.

What movie is among the most common these days in Korea?

What are the huge benefits of entertainment movies when compared with documentary motion pictures? В

Would you enjoy movie?

Certainly, I like quite definitely. In fact , it's the most important fun for me. -I prefer to observe movie with my family because I feel very happy when we discuss the enjoyment of those videos. -Frankly, I enjoyed research or technology fiction movies very much. Since those videos can open fire my thoughts, excite my own curiosity. For I am a computer industrial engineer, I'd like to graphic what would really like in the future. Besides, I i am very interested in the stories of scientists. In research related to videos, I like the storyline of researchers very much, including a last film, called a gorgeous mind. This kind of film told us the unusual encounter about David Nash, a famous scientist. Also, I use watched a large number of science hype films, including AI-Artificial Intellect and the Superstar War. Those films expose a kind of human's worry: with all the fast progress science and technology, the type of function should human being play in the foreseeable future? How to tackle those contradictions between people and the clever machine, just like robot? Although I can not accurately answer these questions, I can attain a lot of useful motivation from movies. -Of course, there are many variations. First, the sound effect is extremely good in cinema; Second, the screen can be bigger than that in home, and so audience can easily fully take advantage of the splendid view in the video. In addition , the atmosphere is far more exciting with others watching the same movie.

Q. What kinds of movies would you like the most?

I love action and Sci-fi videos. When I observed ET(The Extra-Terrestrial) 1982. regarding 16 yrs ago, I was greatly impressed seen such a special effects' technology has been altered and designed rapidly. Today, it is hard to find any videos without using effects, and those advances enabled the film makers to share with their testimonies in different and sometimes effective ways.

Q. What are the effects of movies about people?

Videos give lessons of life or emphasize certain famous or social events which can be...