dawa the storyplot of the run away dog Dissertation

dawa the story with the stray puppy

п»їSET My spouse and i

Choose anyone Set from your following TWO Sets of questions.

Issue I ikke- Choose the appropriate answer and write in the booklet presented. (5)

1 . Dawa's relatives dies due to the poisonous chunk of meat a. provided to them by their friends.

b. that their caretaker supplies to all of them.

c. that they get from the dustbin.

m. given to all of them by their dad.

2 . In respect to Dawa, the most common names given to dogs in Thimphu are

a. Katu and Naku.

n. Molay and Katumo.

c. Tangpa and Zorro.

deb. Tommy and Puppy.

3. Dawa was finally able to determine the give in Thowadrak where Gelong Ma Pelmo had meditated and this was possible simply by

a. using his superior puppy instinct.

m. using his power of becoming a translator in his previous your life.

c. by simply listening to the conversation in the pilgrims visiting Thowadrak.

d. by hearing the care-taker talking to the pilgrims.

four. On his voyage to the east, including the Kikila pass, Dawa had to cross a. 3 passes

n. Four moves

c. Five passes.

d. Six moves.

5. Aum Kunzang Choden's Dawa: The storyplot of a Stray Dog in Bhutan is actually a story about

a. The imitation of the man world by dogs.

b. The quest of a stray dog searching for self-discovery.

c. The issues that Dawa faces to attain enlightenment.

g. Dawa's decision to travel beyond his instant community. 6. Dawa put in most of the time by Changangkha Lhakhang because:

a) It was around Thimphu town

b) It provided security and peace.

c) This provided enough food to Dawa.

d) It was a historical landmark.

7. Dawa was gifted by his doomed family with ………

a) a misshapen and weak physique.

b) a litter of five siblings.

c) the ability to develop spontaneous and peculiar weep.

d) the pressing passion to visit locations.

8. The phrase " why harp on them? ” in the story means:

a) why to experience the musical instrument?

b) for what reason to hide the important points?

c) so why to talk consistently about Dawa's shortcomings?

d) why to repeatedly about Dawa's accomplishments?

9. Dawa was the vitality of ………………..

a) a translator via a faraway country.

b) a ubersetzungsprogramm from Bhutan.

c) a translator from India.

d) a ubersetzungsprogramm from a distant region.

10. Thimphu was justified as difficult area in the terminology in the International Organizations because---------------------------------

a) it was a long way away from the international airport.

b) the traffic in Thimphu disturbed the people day and night. c) the expatriates in Thimphu wasn't able to sleep well due the howling of the stray pups. d) the workers in the intercontinental organizations were bitten by the stray canines in Thimphu. 11. Dawa spent usually at Changangkha Lhakhang mainly because:

a) It was near Thimphu town

b) It offered safety and tranquility.

c) It offered enough meals to Dawa.

d) It was a historic landmark.

doze. Dawa was gifted by simply his condemned family with ………

a) a misshapen and fragile body.

b) a cover of five siblings.

c) the cabability to produce natural and distinct cry.

d) the pressing obsession to see places.

13. The expression " for what reason harp on them? ” in the novel means: a) why to play the musical instrument?

b) why to cover the facts?

c) why to repeatedly regarding Dawa's flaws?

d) for what reason to talk frequently about Dawa's achievements?


18. Thimphu was justified while difficult region in the terms of the International Organizations because---------------------------------

a. it absolutely was far away from your airport.

n. b. the traffic in Thimphu disrupted the people night and day. c. the expatriates in Thimphu could hardly sleep very well due the howling with the stray puppies. d. the workers in the foreign organizations were bitten by stray pups in Thimphu. 15. Which pair of personas in the new is referred to as ‘duo'? A) Traidor and Tangpa

B) Zorrro and Tommy

C) Sagaz and a bull

D) Zorro and Dawa.

of sixteen. Identify the pass located between Bumthang and Mongar....