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January 11, 2011

My First Semester by CW Content

The biggest adaption I have were required to make in my life was moving away pertaining to college. It is not only totally different coming from old high school graduation in relation to the contents of classes and homework, but also totally different from living back at home in the Manhattan. Living by myself, coming in as being a freshman, and in addition coming in not being aware of anyone was very hard to adapt to, needless to say, it was something like I had not experienced before.

College is not extra difficult than high school courses, the only difference is that in college I have to do all my homework outside of school. I have to consider it after myself to get at the selection if necessary or satisfy teachers during their office several hours. Another big difference between high school and university is the need for the every test. In contrast to in high school, where daily assignments may help bring up your grade, the key source of grading in school is the test out. With possibly only 3 tests per semester in a few classes, I am within heavy burden to do very well on each test out. Also, with all the independence These days have, homework and learning are not usually my first priorities throughout college. I might much rather spend time with my friends, watch tv, or check out a party than do my own schoolwork. I have found that all the distractions which can be present in college or university life lead to procrastinating, and procrastination contributes to stress. There have been many times after i have defer doing a great assignment before the night before the assignment was due. It can be obvious that as a college student, I have needed to adapt to an entire new style of learning. Yet another thing that I had to adapt to is usually living on my own without having mother and father looking out for me. Since I do not have a curfew anymore, I feel more independent than I ever before have before. I no longer have to worry about returning too late or perhaps telling any individual where I am just...