Essay upon CHM412



The following compound A, is used while an unnatural sweetener.

Compound A

(April 2009)

(a) Term all functional groups in A

(b) For each of the carbon dioxide X, Sumado a and Unces in mixture A, identify (i) the kind of hybridization

(ii) the bond angle

(c) A can be optically lively. Mark for the structure the chiral centre(s) in A.

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(a) Attract structural formula of (i) a haloalkane with one tertiary carbon

(ii) a simple alcoholic beverages with a single secondary carbon

(iii) a secondary amine with molecular method C5H11N

(April 2009)

(b) Draw almost all possible functional group isomers for C2H6O

(c) Define the following conditions. Give one case in point for each reason. (i) cost-free radical

(ii) electrophile

(iii) nucleophile


Consider the following mixture. (Jan 2012)

(a) Identify polar group(s) in molecule A & write down the chemical formula(s)

(b) Redraw the molecule A; the response the following queries: (i) Labeled chiral centre(s) using (*)

(ii) Labeled & identify type(s) of hybridization coming from all carbons in molecule A (iii) Recognize 2 bonds in the molecule containing π bonds.


Consider the substance below:

(April 2011)

(a) Group & name all useful groups in the compound previously mentioned.

(b) Ingredients label chiral centre(s) with (*)

(c) Locate atom(s) that can be considered as partially positive atoms, and are ready for nucleophilic enhancements

(d) Locate sp2 hybridized carbon atom.


(a) Linoleic chemical p, an essential fatty acid that has the following structure.

(April 2011)

(i) Bring the conceivable cis-trans isomers.

(ii) State the number of π bond(s) in linoleic acidity.

(b) Give one...