Case Analysis of Marimeko Essay

Case Evaluation of Marimeko


The situation describes how Kristi Paakkanen brought Marimekko back to the lost situation when the business was on the verge of bankruptcy. Through her exceptional management viewpoint and management principles of feelings, respect, truth, excitement, discipline, praise, team nature, total responsibility, caring, fairness and social responsibility, she not only helped it get back its past strength but also empowered the organization to withstand changes with changing instances. After the death of the original founder, the business had failed probably due to its inability to reply and adapt to the new environment.

Due to Paakkenan's efforts, the company financial overall performance had better tremendously. They have turned by a loss-making organization (loss of above €8 million in 1991) to a profit-making entity (profit of €8. 4 mil in 2005). Along with improving financially, the organization and its particular employees had been imbued with renewed energy, enthusiasm, energy source and self-assurance.

Now, the main element challenge that may be being encountered by the company is the current and foreseeable future international development. The key problems for Marimekko's international enlargement include capturing the foreign clients, introduction of new personnel policies, predicting require in these new markets, creation of brand awareness with limited marketing solutions, maintaining a regular brand image, serving the person country requires and conversation of the Marimekko's philosophy to all or any third party functions. Another potential problem could possibly be finding a successor of Paakkenan who would have the ability to continue precisely the same management idea and save the organization from collapsing much like it do when Armi Ratia died.

Kristi Peakkanen symbolizes tips on how to be different, having the courage to complete thing in different ways, how to worth your personnel and instill organizational values in them. She took the challenge of your dying company when there was clearly no wish. She made a fortune on the brand's strength and brought Mmarimekko to a location which was better yet than it absolutely was in times of the founders- Viljo Ratia & Armi Ratia.

Many inquiries arise as to the future of the business. With international expansion, shall Marimekko have the ability to deal properly with the changing times as it has constantly done? Will certainly Marimekko keep a difference? Exactly what the future chances? What will happen if Paakennen retires in the near future? Is going to Marimekko experience the same fall as it performed when Armi Ratia died? Is there any kind of successor to Paakennen?

Paakennen experienced done very well in using the company to the present position. Your woman had simply no doubts within the company's ongoing success in the foreseeable future as well. The lady saw not any real danger but only future opportunities.

From a loss-making firm to a accomplishment: Capitalizing on the brand strength and a strong eye-sight of the founder She declared that she believed inadequate in many respects. This shows her continuous quest for learning and improvement. She was obviously a forward-looking woman. Rather than dwelling on the success of Marimekko in the past 15 years; the lady still thought that all there was a great deal to learn from the current acceptance. Strong eye-sight of the president Armi Ratia had been designed into company's current actions along with the contemporary practices.


Previous success

Your woman was the creator of an advertising agency, " Womena”. Your woman had an desire for nature that was reflected first time in her advertising way for her ad agency " Womena”. Through the very beginning, the girl was a prosperous woman-she got supported their self financially during herself high-school days. The lady was bold and different and hired just women for her ad agency in order to counter-top the male-dominated culture. There is no hierarchy among the personnel and flexible job descriptions. Paakkanen led the agency to be one of the most acknowledged names inside the Finnish advertising and marketing industry. Your woman lifted the business financially plus the company...