Case Answers Essay

Case Answers

CASE you: ethics vs . profit

1 . What are the ethical complications mentioned through this particular case and precisely what are the possible causes of these problem? The ethical complications mention inside the first circumstance are: just about every managers are pressured in the new regulations set by top administration in order for them to live in their situation as a supervisor and an additional problems is the fact because of the fresh system of the business, most of the sales personnel sensed pressure to lower the quality control over their creation that may decrease in being rejected of the merchandise. These are the effects of the changes from the system of the business. Probable reason behind this is that, company don't consult first to their workers most especially to every department managers' of what are their strategies for the betterment with the company. They have to first ask for recommendation and even suggestions from every manager. The success of the business is also the achievements of every staff. Ethics must be applied with this kind of condition in order to stop misunderstanding of both parties.

installment payments on your Is it fine to do some thing illegal or perhaps unethical to keep the company's picture and earnings? We all know that doing illegitimate things are certainly not right. Yes, we at times do illegitimate or unethical things for whatever reason but we have to not tolerate ourselves with this kind of point. I remember a quote that can be applied with this kind of situation. It says, " Walang sikretong hindi nabubunyag! ” We know that we all secretly perform illegal or unethical issue so that persons might not believe negative tentang kami or about the company. All of us put up organization in order to gain revenue. And in my case, Now i'm much more comfortable if I had gain profit in doing right things. At times I sit but then my conscientious continue to reigns. Being one of the top administration for example , we should think often times first before we all decide. We sometimes repent in the end but if we performed the right issue, we will not likely feel the regrets it might take but rather be cheerful that we still do the right point not...