Beowulf Paper

Beowulf Paper

Emmett Kitchens

The english language IV

Ms. Buuck

15 September 2014

Beowulf Daily news

Beowulf is definitely an old Anglo-Saxon epic that was advised for thousands through mouth tradition and finally written straight down by the early Christians. Early Christian writers added spiritual themes such as Beowulf to thank god for his power or the huge Grendel is a descendent through the biblical personality Cain. Many of the stories drafted around this time were epics which are very long poems in which the hero, whom often has its own semi-divine qualities, must defeat must eliminate some great threat. Vintage epic Beowulf fits these criteria since Beowulf's actions require unnerving courage, great strength, and throughout the book supernatural makes seem to intervene.

One of the features of Beowulf that makes it an epic story is Beowulf's unwavering courage when confronted with danger. A popular thing regarding Beowulf's courage is that it is not just sightless arrogance; someone can tell that you have times in the story exactly where Beowulf realizes the danger in the situation yet goes forward because he is aware it is the right thing to do. " If I should fall/ and go through death whilst serving the cause. ” (Beowulf lines 1477-1478) Beowulf states displaying the reader that he acknowledges the danger of going into the cave in the mire but continues to take action anyway to get the safety Herot. Through the most of the Epic Beowulf is incredibly careful about letting his courage turn into above confidence right up until he extends to his last fight with the dragon in which he is able to beat the dragon, but with the cost of his own your life. Beowulf's ultimate downfall as a result of overconfidence is also due to his inhuman durability, which helped him wipe out all of the enemies in the book.

One other characteristic of Beowulf that aided him in beating his adversaries is his supernatural durability. Throughout the story the reader might have mentioned how many times Beowulf seems to pull off physical feats that seem not possible to any normal human...