BEH 240 Evaluation and Judgement Composition

BEH 225 Evaluation and Judgement


Evaluation and Judgment

BEH 225

The spring 19, 2013

Cherie Leffler

Evaluation and Judgment

What are the different ways in which we evaluate people?

When evaluating or sizing up people initially, we use a " schemata” (Morris & Maisto, 2010, pg. 456) or preconceived set of morals or objectives about the category or form of person that we initially believe them to be. We look for their clothing, hear their particular speech habits and pay close attention to their very own body language. After this we generally delve into their particular personality further while checking out their personal beliefs and morals although comparing these to our own. Employing these schemata though will often lead to stereotyping but regardless of often it really is wrong whilst receiving household, we usually continue to use all those preconceived morals when getting together with new people. Just how do these factors play a role in our expectations of other people?

These types of factors play a major role in our anticipations of others as we use these preconceived ideas to psychologically shape them to our perspective of the actual should be as we first satisfy them. By stereotyping these individuals into every preconceived category that we might have in mind, we all limit the openness or willingness to accept information that we receive which might prove to be opposing of what we should have expected. By pre-judging people and expecting selected preconceived patterns patterns from their store, we severely limit our ability to acknowledge their true behavioral patterns and personality since it is presented to us. Exactly what are the drawbacks of these anticipations?

The disadvantages of having these types of expectations happen to be that in case the personality we view will not match the preconceived suggestions of the actual should be like, we can become disappointed and may reject these people based on the disappointment rather than their true personality. We can become disillusioned with their true personality since they do not fit the routine of patterns or values that we acquired wanted...