As English - Characters of Conversation Essay

As The english language - Figures of Presentation

Writer's goal

To inform the reader of the writer's opinion of football and just how it grew into being a globally regarded sport regardless of the " hidden" issues surrounding this kind of sport


Ironic, sarcastic, informal, personal opinion, powerful


Make use of words just like " boorish, boring, bearish"

Words that creates a negative strengthen: " obsessive, intolerant, assault, fanaticism"

Numbers of presentation

- " It can fidanzato with the darker side from the mob"

-- " Weaving itself in the culture of countries…"

-- ".. the media to feed away each other continues to be another element in its survival" - " Gave removed hand in goalkeeper's glove with each other"

- Emphasizing a certain character/attitude: " spoilt-brat millionaire players, cynical golf club owners" - ".. one of those superbugs which could adapt to any environment" -- " Even though it's big doesn't suggest it's beautiful"

- ".. serving the passions with the crowd as an appetiser"


The writer presents the topic of soccer by talking about the financial advantages of the 2002 Globe Cup by using the repetition in the word " more". " More viewers, more media hype, more tv set money" these types of series of terms and effective use of commas create a picture of overwhelmingness, an effect of the surge of endless progress. The next paragraph starts off together with the figurative word, " Even though it's big doesn't indicate it's gorgeous. " The writer's displaying the unwanted effects of basketball although 2 weeks . well known sport around the world, it's not going to have the same emotional value or perhaps " beauty" because really overexposed and overrated. Dingdong is used intended for the number of words, " boorish, boring, bearish". What create a great illusion of similar sounding words which depicts the atmosphere of football race fans and enthusiasts during a sports match. The application of words just like " obsessive, intolerant" makes a negative impression on the readers and this somewhat offers the sculpt of the whole paragraph. ".. serving the passions of...