A Mother’s Love Composition

A Mother's Take pleasure in


once on a rainy night time Shambhu Chitrakar, a famous story article writer, was producing a story to get published simply by next week. He previously begun to publish the story, when suddenly this individual heard a knock around the door " Who is in the door? " he asked, but there were no response. " Must be my dream", he thought to himself 'knock knock'; this individual heard the knock for the door once again. This time, without even asking who also it was, he went and opened the doorway. At the door, he saw a lady wearing white from top to bottom, her whole body was have her outfit and even her legs had been hidden. Her appearance was quite weird. Her curly hair strangled forward which concealed her entire face, thus Shambhu tried to see her face through her locks. But before this individual could declare anything, your woman put her hand forwards and opened up her fist, showing that she waned something like funds, food, and so forth He understood that the girl wanted some funds. So this individual went to his room and came back with a coins in his hand. Nevertheless he handed her the coins, the lady simply rejected and finally spoke to him " I don't want money, I need some food", she said. Accepting the request Shambhu went back to his home, he could not find any good thing to give her but he identified some sweets. So he went back towards the door and gave her the desserts. Thanking him, she disappeared. Shambhu then went back to his desk and ongoing writing the storyplot. The next day, he followed his daily routine of going to the book shop buying a good book and visiting the retirement years home and spending some time with the old persons, telling them different testimonies. Then again at night when he continued writing his story, the same lady pulled at the door, asked for a few sweets and went away. Afterwards everyday this individual brought a few sweets so that he could give her when the lady came at night. She often came to his house through the night time which will surprised him very much. Following one week exceeded and that woman still kept on coming, this individual really started to be curious and wanted to discover what the reason was. So , some day he known as his...