Essay about The Events of 911 Generated the Reorganization of the U. S. Brains Community

The Events of 9/11 Triggered the Reorganization of the U. S. Brains Community

Marc Celmer wrote, " The most important element of any nation's fight against domestic and international terrorism is current and accurate intelligence. ” (Nacos, 2012, p. 244) If this is the case then what are the results when intellect is not brought to light or shared amongst the several agencies which can make up the ALL OF US intelligence community? Unfortunately as seen with the 9/11 terrorist attacks, limited intelligence evaluation and information sharing leaves a region vulnerable to strike. I will be explaining the reorganization of the US intelligence community that occurred in the wake of 9/11 and speaking about the challenges and problems that exist.

Next recommendations by the Bush Administration's to consider why america had become thus complacent when it comes to domestic disorders, as well as the re-homing of the Cleverness Reform and Terrorism Elimination Act of 2004, the DNI was created and billed with leading and choosing all brains agencies. These kinds of agencies consisted of the CIA, the FBI, the CIA, the Security Intelligence Organization (DIA), the Department of State's Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis, and the cleverness units of the various twigs of the Armed Forces. After the creation of the Division of Homeland Security in 2002, these were the companies that continued to be autonomous with little to no oversight or one leadership. Including of the US intelligence community, all these organizations were typically ineffective in investigating terrorist threats because they was missing oversight from a larger enterprise that could sound right of each with their respective items of information relating to threats to national security. The DNI's responsibilities as stated by Leader George T. Bush included standardizing the intelligence community, and identifying annual financial constraints of all brains agencies & allocating how a funds will be spent. As well as the DNI, the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) was created and served since the " primary...

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